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Whistle 5 n' 1 Survival


Keep just about everything you may need for an emergency around your neck when you have the Coleman 5-In-1 Survival Whistle. Blow the whistle if you're lost on the trail or need medical help; the signaling mirror will show rescue crews where you are. Even when there's no reason to...


Whistle Brass


Send a warning or bring exploring kids in for dinner at the campsite when you sound your Coleman Brass Whistle. Each whistle includes a lanyard for easy access and storage. It's also great for backpacking and wilderness trips.Features:- For use as a warning or attention signal on camping trips or...


Cervical Collar


Cervical Collar


TK4 Tourniquet


TK4 Tourniquet


The Pocket First Aid Guide


Treatment and Prevention of Outdoor Emergencies Practical advice for the on-the-go outdoorsman, this field-friendly guide is essential for anyone interested in first-aid preparation and care. Here is advice useful on a hike or for any fishing trip, including step-by-step instructions on dealing with fractures, suturing wounds, treating eyes and ears,...

Ready America

Ready America Emergency Power Station 4-Function


Keep this 4 Function Emergency Power Station on hand for use in any emergency. It works as a flashlight, radio, siren, and cell phone charger. No batteries needed. Crank handle 1 minute for up to 30 minutes of bright light, 2 minutes of talk time on your cell phone, and...

Ready America

Ready America Deluxe Outdoor Survival Kit 4-Person

$199.99 $183.46

The safety and survival of your family will be your main concern in the event of a disaster. This carefully-stocked emergency kit contains packaged food and water to sustain a family of four for the critical first 72 hours of an emergency situation, as well as water purification tablets, and...


Maxpedition Individual First Aid Pouch Khaki


Lightweight combat first-aid pack.Shipping Length: 9.0 inch X Shipping Length: 7.0 inch X Shipping Length: 1.0 inch X

Ready America

Ready America 2 Person Tornado Survival Kit-3 Day Pack


Weather brings its own set of elements providing unexpected emergencies and you need to be prepared for them. Tornadoes and storms can strand you in your car on the side of the road, or at a job site. You can lose power and heat, or even your entire home. Any...

Ready America

Ready America 1Person Cold Weather Survival Kit-3 Day Pack

$94.99 $86.84

Winter brings its own set of cold weather emergencies and you need to be prepared for them. Winter storms can strand you in your car on the side of the road, or at a job site. You can lose power and heat in your home. Any of these situations can...


Stansport Crank Solar Battery AM-FM-WB Radio and Flashlight

$53.99 $51.40

It important to stay informed when the electricity goes out. The Stansport Solar Radio Flashlight uses an alternate energy source, so you can use it anytime and anywhere. This emergency radio flashlight is just what you need to have on hand during any kind of emergency, whether at home or...

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