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Scotty Strongarm 24 Manual Downrigger

$298.99 $296.22

Scotty 1080DPR Strongarm Manual Downrigger has outstanding features for small and intermediate size boats. Comes with 24"long, 1" diameter stainless steel boom, 200 ft of premium 150 lb stainless steel downrigger cable. Also included is a boom mounted Rodmaster II rod holder and Power Grip Plus line release.Shipping Length: 28.75...

Scotty Fishing

Scotty Rocket Launcher Rod Holder SS Jacket c/w 344 Mount


Scotty 473 Stainless steel Rocket Launcher rod holder comes with 344 Flush Mount. Tilts up and down, including upright for rod storage when travelling. Less missed strike opportunities. Rocket Launcher Inside Diameter: 1.70". All post mount Scotty Rod Holders are fully adjustable up and down, rotating 360 degrees. Bolting Dimensions:...

Scotty Fishing

Scotty Strongback Oar Lock 1-3/4in I.D Black 1 Pair/pack


Scotty 104 The Strongback Oar Lock has 1/2" straight shank and is moulded nylon over stainless steel core. The low friction nylon creates smooth and quiet operation. It is competitively priced against standard galvanized and bronze models. Sized at 1 3/4" inside dimensions (small oars).Shipping Length: 7.65 inch X Shipping...

Scotty Fishing

Scotty Orca Rod Holder w/241 Side/Deck Mount


Scotty 400-BK Orca Rod Holder comes with 241 Side/Deck Mount. The inner sleeve opens in one complete motion allowing the rod to be released in an instant. With one quick motion, the fishing rod is lifted straight out into the fish fighting position. Completely adjustable both vertically and horizontally. Fibre...


Humminbird Ethernet Cable As Ec QDE


This approximately 12'' cable is required for Ethernet capabilities on a 700 HD Series Humminbird product. Connecting one 700 HD Series product with another 700 HD Series will require two of these cables. Connecting one 700 HD Series product with an 800, 900, or 1100 Series product, you will need...


Humminbird Helix 7 Series Protective Cover


The Humminbird Helix 7 Series protective cover is a must have accessory for your Helix 7 unit. It is compatible with all Helix 7 Series fishfinder models. The case protects the lens during storage and can be easily rolled or folded for storage in small compartments. It features a durable,...

Davis Instruments

Davis LightCap 300 Solar Lantern/Water Bottle - Red


LightCap 300 is a solar lantern and BPA-free water bottle that can also be used as a waterproof storage container. The bottle holds 32 ounces (.94 liters) and is dishwasher safe. The cap features a solar cell that accepts and stores a charge for nighttime use. Four bright white LEDs...

Scotty Fishing

Scotty Gimbal Adapter w/Gear Head


Scotty 453 Gimbal Adapter with Gear-Head allows the use of all Scotty post mount rod holders for boats with factory installed flush mounted rod holders. With the Scotty 428 Gear-Head added, this system allows one to quickly change rod holder positions with a simple twist.Shipping Length: 12.5 inch X Shipping...

Scotty Fishing

Scotty Rod Holder Portable Clamp Mount Nylon w/241


Scotty 449 Clamp Mount is the fully portable mounting option for all Scotty post mount rod holders. Featuring a 241 Combination Side/Deck Mount, the 449 is made from super tough reinforced nylon.Shipping Length: 6.05 inch X Shipping Length: 5.35 inch X Shipping Length: 4.0 inch X

Scotty Fishing

Scotty Snapper Release 18in Leader w/ Cannonball Snap


Scotty 1042 With the Snapper Release, the fishing line is gripped between the soft pads with variable release tension attained by moving the line in or out of the jaws.Shipping Length: 8.7 inch X Shipping Length: 3.85 inch X Shipping Length: 1.4 inch X

Scotty Fishing

Scotty Weight Mate White 2 per pack


Scotty 3022-WH Weight mate holds your downrigger weight securely.Shipping Length: 8.4 inch X Shipping Length: 5.75 inch X Shipping Length: 5.15 inch X

Scotty Fishing

Scotty Premium Braided Fiber Downrigger Line

$84.49 $76.19

Scotty 2202K Premium braided fiber downrigger line with 250 lb test, 400' spool comes with kit.Shipping Length: 6.0 inch X Shipping Length: 5.2 inch X Shipping Length: 1.2 inch X

Scotty Fishing

Scotty Stoppers for Line Releases Auto Stop


Scotty 1008-24-YL Stoppers for Line Releases & Auto Stop comes in pack of 24 of yellow. Used for auto stop and for locating line releases.Shipping Length: 5.5 inch X Shipping Length: 3.0 inch X Shipping Length: 0.35 inch X


SeaSense 5-1/2in Dome 18 LED White Stainless Steel Light


The Unified Marine SeaSens 5-1/2" Dome 18 LED Stainless Steel Light has a classic look with a modern twist. This light is cool white with a wide beam angle. It has a low amp draw for longer battery life. Water-resistant and has low heat and impact resistant lens.Shipping Length: 8.0...


Cannon 6 In. AlumInum Mounting Track


Cannon's versatile mounting track uses locking grooves to prevent accessories from twisting. Pick the length you need, and enjoy easy removal and replacement of Cannon's track system accessories. Includes mounting hardware.Shipping Length: 15.6 inch X Shipping Length: 4.15 inch X Shipping Length: 1.35 inch X

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