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Guard Dog Security

Guard Dog Bulletproof Proframe 16x20 Picture Frm - NIJ lllA

$189.99 $186.60

From a line of practical, affordable and lifesaving products, the Guard Dog Security presents the ProFrame, a household bulletproof picture frame tested and certified by the National Institute of Justice for level IIIA protection, you can get behind the most threatening of situations. In the event of an unexpected break-in...

Cold Steel

Cold Steel City Stick Walking Stick 37.625 in Overall Length

$89.99 $72.11

The Cold Steel City Sticks are topped with a mirror polished 6160 Aluminum head. Choose between the classic standard "scent stopper" head, or the pistol grip style - which is designed to fit ones hand like a 17th century pistol butt.Shipping Length: 38.5 inch X Shipping Length: 3.0 inch X...

Guard Dog Security

Guard Dog Security Bulletproof Backpack -PRYM1-High Country

$199.99 $142.78

Whether for daily use or traveling, the Guard Dog Security ProShield Prym1 Edition has your back. Withstanding even the most hostile environments, this tactical backpack has been tested by an independent lab and holds an official NIJ Level IIIA certification for bulletproof protection. Combining safety and style, The Guard Dog...

Guard Dog Security

Guard Dog Reflex 600L Flashlight w/Swivel Head-5 Functions

$59.99 $49.51

Go boldly into the dark with the Reflex tactical flashlight from Guard Dog Security. This powerful and versatile device ensures you have exactly the right illumination for every situation with five light settings, including red, green and emergency S.O.S, all built-in to a swivel bezel allowing for customized light angles....

Guard Dog Security

Guard Dog Flarelite 450L Flashlight/Lantern w/Mag Tail Cap

$37.99 $37.41

Boasting dual functionality, the Guard Dog Security FlareLite is a powerful tool that instantly converts from a flashlight into a lantern with a swift turn of the top bezel. The FlareLite tactical flashlight casts a powerful beam, visible over 400 feet, creating extreme and enhanced visibility. The unique design of...

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